Our History

Strath an De’ Farm was founded in 1997 by Jim and Barbara Butler in the hill country of Southwestern Pennsylvania. It is nestled in a beautiful valley back in the hills, hence the name God’s Valley (in Gaelic).

We chose to raise Registered Scottish Highlands because of their low fat, low cholesterol, high protein meat, their ability to gain well on rough pasture and forage, disease resistance and ease of calving.

Since our land had not been farmed since the late 60’s, our first job was to rehabilitate the house and install new fences. We have since restored the two 100+year old barns, re-seeded the pastures, built “the house on the hill” and created hiking trails and picnic groves.

From our original 4 heifers and one bull, our herd has grown to between 25-30 depending on the time of year. Our goal is to “breed for function”—good gain on grass only, ease of calving, disease and pest resistance, yearly calving, easy disposition. The meats we sell are grass-fed, all natural (no steroids, hormones, animal byproducts or preventive level antibiotics). 

Our animals are raised in stress-free, natural surroundings, with human contact and “room to roam”.

We welcome visitors to our farm to take a hike, have a picnic or a hayride, see the animals and maybe start your own herd, take home some burger or maybe a “lawnmower”!